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   Areas of focus through this work together:

Opening ourselves to allow in
the partner we dream of

Discovering abundant living

Letting go of destructive behavior
through experiencing our emotions

Spiritual development:
Intuitive wellness coaching

About this work

We all have a daily practice in life.
Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our beliefs

 literally create the fabric of our universe.
These inner patterns that we live by and act on, create the framework of our lives. They are responsible for almost everything you experience in your world. Sometimes these practices we maintain are in direct conflict with the life we want to live.

But from our perspective inside them, its almost impossible to see.

Through conversation during our session, these patterns and practices will be uncovered and brought to the surface through the work of my guides. Through their process of cutting through the story, we can clearly see what is at work behind the reality you are experiencing, the reality you are creating. The inner practices, fears and beliefs that are at the heart of your story will be revealed.

Usually through our first session.
Through this awareness, this love and this new perspective, you have the choice to let go of these sabotaging habitual patterns of thought, emotion and action. Through experiential guided meditation, we can experience and let go of our underlying fears in a safe healing space.
Through the understanding of the deepest truth," I acknowledge my creation of you," (as continually brought through by my guides) we stop blaming others. We free ourselves to
experience huge shifts in our daily lives and finally experience inner freedom and peace.
Through this work,we will gain the tools to take responsibility for our own thoughts and our own emotions instead of blaming others for them. Through this new perspective, we can finally start to forgive others, quickly releasing years and sometimes lifetimes of blocks that are keeping us from our deepest joy, our greatest freedom, and our truest selves.
With all of my love and gratitude I look forward to connecting with you and working with you in this deep and meaningful way.  It is the greatest honor to serve you,
as you serve your greatest Self.
Thank You

“The most lasting way of surrounding yourself with love,
is in noticing the love that already surrounds you.”

― unknown


chris coppola,intuitive,counselor