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About Me

Hi I'm Chris, an Intuitive Counselor, and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor located in Teaneck New Jersey. My personal practice brings together many different modalities of healing and meditative perspective, but really, it's all just used as a foundation for my own intuitive clarity.
This work is done through me, but not “by” me.  Any information  or knowledge that I may have really just acts as a tool box, that is used by my guides during our session. They use whatever technique or approach that is most effective in assisting  the client. Something I could never pretend to know.
This is the only way energetic healing can occur. When we have a conversation, and as you begin to open, the information comes through, I move out of the way, and the energetic healing begins.
It is always a beautiful adventure for the both of us.
   It is the greatest honor for me to be present as my guides help you rediscover your deepest joy, and to be there for you as you uncover your truest happiness. I dedicate my life now to holding this space for anyone ready to do this work, and
I thank you in advance for the opportunity of serving you, through this love that connects us all.